diagrams.net Documentation

If you are new to diagramming, or diagramming in Confluence, use the training documents below to learn how to use diagrams.net and draw.io.

Getting started with diagrams.net

Using draw.io in Confluence

The draw.io app for Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira uses the diagrams.net editor. Once you are familiar with how to use the editor above, follow the guide below to learn how to customise the draw.io app for Confluence, mass convert all of your images in an instance and troubleshoot problems that are specific to this integration.

Detailed information and tutorials

Our FAQs organised into categories provide you with help and detailed information on many topics, including advanced features.

The diagrams.net blog posts are focused less on individual features, and will help you create different diagram types, explore use cases, and discuss aspects of diagramming apps that are not covered by the FAQs.