Introduction to and types of diagrams and the branded Atlassian integrations are the leading solution for web based sketching and diagramming functionality. You can use online with a number of storage platforms, and offline with a standalone desktop app.

As a security-first diagramming app for teams, we provide the diagramming functionality - you choose where to keep your diagram data. There are many different integrations with other platforms and applications, including Atlassian Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud, Google applications, GitHub and Microsoft applications. Unofficial integrations are available for many other platforms and tools.

An organisation chart created in from a CSV file A ground floor apartment floorplan created in An AWS diagram for a SAAS application created in

Diagramming is not like painting with brushes as if you were editing a photo. It’s also not charting numerical data from a spreadsheet.

Instead, you place a number of diagram elements, connect them together, add descriptive text, and style the elements to convey more complex information visually. gives you the tools to create a wide variety of diagrams: flow charts, mind maps, org charts, Venn diagrams, infographics, network and architecture diagrams, floor plans, electrical and rack diagrams, UML diagrams, and more.

Diagram types

Follow the links below to learn more about specific types of diagrams and how to create them in

Alternatively, view our large gallery of diagram examples all created in You can open these diagrams in the viewer or download them from the gallery page.

Business and project management

Software development

IT and infrastructure

You can also find these example diagrams and many more templates in our drawio-diagrams repository on GitHub.


The editor, its tools and panels

Sketch online whiteboard editor theme

If you are using the simpler Sketch whiteboard theme for the editor interface, you can open the following visual tutorial for an in-app tour.

Sketch editor theme is currently being developed
Open this visual tutorial in the editor

Use case videos covering a variety of diagrams

While these videos have been prepared for, our Atlassian integrations for Confluence and Jira, the diagram editor functionality and the types of diagrams you can draw are the same in

Use cases and different types of diagrams