Introduction to and types of diagrams is a secure, free and open source diagramming app that you can use online, offline (desktop).

As a security-first diagramming app for teams, we provide the diagramming functionality, and you choose where to keep your diagram data. There are many different integrations with other platforms and applications, including Atlassian Confluence Cloud, Google Documents, Github, Microsoft Word. allows you to create a wide variety of diagrams: flow charts, mind maps, org charts, venn diagrams, infographics, network and architecture diagrams, floor plans, electrical and rack diagrams, UML diagrams and more.

An organisation chart created in from a CSV file A ground floor apartment floorplan created in An AWS diagram for a SAAS application created in

Diagramming is not like painting with brushes as if you were editing a photo. Instead, you place diagram elements then resize, rotate, and connect them together and change their styles. These elements include:

  • shapes
  • connectors (arrows)
  • labels and text

You add these diagram elements to a drawing canvas, which uses guidelines and a grid to help you place and align the elements. The grid and guidelines aren’t visible when you print or create an image of your diagram.