Display or hide diagram elements using tags

The tags dialog allows you to display and hide elements of your diagram based on metadata, or tags. This can be useful for exploring complex diagrams, for example to indicate which code segments run on which system, or which department is responsible for which steps in a flow chart.

Using tags on shapes in a diagram

Tags are a space-separated list of words stored in the tags property of a shape’s properties, or metadata. Select a shape, then click Edit > Edit Data to see a shape’s properties (or right-click and select Edit Data or press Ctrl+M).

Tags can be added or deleted via the shape's properties

See what tags have been applied

When you hover over a shape, the tag will appear as a tooltip.

Hover over a shape to see its tags

Alternatively, you can look at shape’s properties. Select a shape, then press Ctrl+M.

Show and hide shapes based on their tags

If you know the names of the tags, you can use the Tags dialog to hide shapes based on their tags or show hidden shapes.

  1. Click Extras > Tags.
  2. Type the name of the tag, and click Hide or Show.

Use the Tags dialog to show and hide shapes with tags