Export a diagram to an SVG image

  1. Click File > Export As > SVG.
  2. Change the export settings to suit your requirements.
    • Choose the Zoom factor, set a Border width around your diagram, and enable the checkboxes if you want a Transparent Background, a Shadow on your shapes, or to include the Grid of the drawing canvas.
    • If you only want to export the shapes and connectors that are currently selected, enable the Selection only checkbox.
    • Enable Embed Images to include image components, such as clip art, into the SVG.
    • Make sure the checkbox to Include a copy of my diagram is selected if you want to be able to open your diagram and edit it again when you import the PNG file into diagrams.net.
    • By default Links will open following the viewer’s browser preferences. Select a different behaviour if you want links to always open in a new tab or a new browser window.
      Choose the export settings for the SVG image
  3. Click Export and select the location to save your SVG file.