Add a plugin to for Confluence Server

These plugins should be used as-is, as unsupported examples for developers.

An administrator can configure for Confluence Server to load one or more plugins by default. Then, whenever someone edits a diagram in that instance, they can use the plugin via the editor menu.

The plugin JavaScript files must be added as an attachment to a page in your instance.

Some of the more popular plugins include:

  • anon: Scrambles all of the text and metadata in your diagram - it anonymises it.
  • svgdata: Adds metadata and IDs to the diagram when you export it to an SVG file.
  • sql: Lets you insert SQL to automatically create a database diagram.
  • text: Extracts all of the text in your diagram.

See the full list of plugins available in Confluence Cloud

Note: You can only use these in the editor, and not when viewing a diagram.

Add and load a plugin to for Confluence Server

  1. Download the Javascript file for a plugin from GitHub and attach the JavaScript file to a page in your instance.
  2. As an administrator, go to the Configuration section, in the left-hand menu of your Confluence Settings. Click on the Configuration tab.
  3. Add the plugins option to the JSON code in the UI configuration. Paste the relative URL to the file attachment you saved in step 1. For example: "plugins": [ "/download/attachments/55279729/anonymize.js ]
    Add the anonymize plugin to in Confluence Cloud
  4. Click Save Changes.