Permanently load a plugin using

Plugins extend the functionality of These plugins may not be production quality as some are developmental code, and therefore should be used as-is.

Some of the more popular plugins include:

  • anon: Scrambles all of the text and metadata in your diagram - it anonymises it.
  • svgdata: Adds metadata and IDs to the diagram when you export it to an SVG file.
  • sql: Lets you insert SQL to automatically create a database diagram.
  • text: Extracts all of the text in your diagram.

See the full list of plugins

Start diagramming with the plugin immediately

Add the p=XXXX URL parameter with a plugin ID to start diagramming with it immediately. This does not permanently load the plugin, so the next time you create a diagram it won’t be available.

To start diagramming with the anonymize plugin loaded, go to:

To load more than one plugin, separate them in the URL option with a semicolon:;text

Permanently load a plugin

You can make sure the diagram editor loads the plugin every time you create or open a diagram at

  1. From the menu, select Extras > Plugins.
    Open the plugins list
  2. Click Add.
    Add a new plugin
  3. Paste the plugin’s filename and path, for example /plugins/anonymize.js into the URL field, then click Add.
    Add the anonymize plugin
  4. Click Apply.
    Add the anonymize plugin
  5. The confirmation message reminds you that you will need to reload the diagram editor to load only those plugins in your list. Click OK, then refresh your browser tab (Ctrl+R or Cmd+R).

Loading plugins in Confluence