Open Source sponsorship program 06 May 2021


Just after the extension for VSCode was released we sponsored the main developer of the project. It was a very popular extension and the author received a number of other sponsorships.

Last night we were updating the list of open source projects used in and, sadly, it was only then we wondered what the sponsorship state of our upstream dependencies were. These are developer libraries that don’t see the limelight in the same way end user projects do. Unsurprisingly, sponsorship, with a very small number of exceptions, was pretty much non-existent.

Upstream needs love too

The state of open source funding is often written about and we’re clearly in a position that we can do more.

In addition to the 200USD monthly donation to the VSCode extension author, today we’ve added monthly donations of 100USD to the main Mermaid author, 100USD to the main rough.js author and 50USD to the main Pako author.

We’ll continue to investigate further donations to as many upstream projects as possible and we’ll start the same process for the desktop build. The desktop build pulls in a number of npm projects, many of which are seeking funding.

The initial aim is 1,000USD per month in donations to our little ecosystem, but we hope we can increase beyond that.

You can help

If you are interesting in sponsoring one of the supported projects directly, please do let us know on Discord.

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