diagrams.net shortcuts


    Double click to select a shape

    The double click behaviour in diagrams.net has been updated in version 13.4.2 to be more convenient. Now, when you double click on the blank drawing canvas, you can quickly add a shape or text from the selector to your diagram.

    13 Jul 2020

    Ctrl+Shift+drag to move an area of your diagram

    Quickly move an entire area of your diagram: hold down the Control and Shift keys, then click on a blank section of the drawing canvas and drag to move it. You’ll see guide lines appear to show you the origin and displacement of the area you are moving.

    03 Dec 2018

    Alt+Shift+Select to deselect shapes

    When you drag a selection box around too many shapes, you can either do it again to include the shapes you wanted to select, or use hold down Alt+Shift and drag a deselection box around those shapes that you don’t want to include in your selection.

    02 Nov 2018

    Alt+drop to overlay shapes on containers

    When you work with container shapes, dropping a shape over that container inserts that shape into that container. While this is useful for adding steps to a flow chart inside a flow lane (e.g. using the flow layout shape), you may not necessarily want to add the shape for the person responsible into the flow lane container, but instead overlay it.

    02 May 2018