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    The many faces of diagrams.net and draw.io

    Finding a typo-proof word that is also pronounced the same throughout the world is simple, how sensible companies fail to stop users from mis-spelling product names eludes us. diagrams.net and draw.io demonstrate the right way to do this, clearly. However, a small, minor, fractional, minority of users regularly fall asleep on their keyboards while typing our product name, this is the only rational explanation.
    Freehand drawing in diagrams.net on a tablet - click the freehand tool in the toolbar on the left

    19 Aug 2022
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    We are sponsoring FOSDEM 2020

    FOSDEM is a free two-day event held each year, organised by volunteers, to promote the use and development of free and open source software. Open source software developers and users can meet, share ideas, and collaborate.

    07 Nov 2019