Example diagrams are on Github

diagrams.net 13 May 2019


We regularly publish new example diagrams in the jgraph/drawio-diagrams repository on Github so they are easy to access. In this repository you’ll find diagram examples that are used in:

  • blog posts
  • FAQ answers
  • training courses
  • feature and plugin demonstrations
  • diagrams.net template library

Open a diagram as a template

If you find an example diagram that you want to use as a template in your diagram, click Arrange > Insert > Template.

Insert a template diagram

In the template library dialog, click on From Template URL, and enter the URL of the diagram you want to use. For example: https://jgraph.github.io/drawio-diagrams/diagrams/math.xml

Click Create, and diagrams.net will open the template diagram in a new browser tab. Name your diagram, and now you can edit it as you need.

An example diagram inserted as a template from GitHub

See the drawio-diagrams repository on Github for more ways to use these examples as templates for your diagrams.

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